General guidelines:

You are welcome for applying to become a registered Vendor to The Shipping Corporation of India Limited (SCI).

Kindly use Internet Explorer 6.0 and above.


The procedure for registration of vendors for supply/work to SCI Ltd. is detailed below. The vendors are being requested to read the “Instructions for filling up online registration form” and follow “Step by Step process“ listed below carefully before filling up this form. (For any clarification regarding filing up the vendor registration form, you may feel free to email us on )

Vendors who are interested in registration with SCI Limited for supply/work shall fill up this vendor registration form after ensuring that they meet all the requirements stipulated under “Pre-requisites for vendors

Pre-requisites for vendors:

1.       Scanned copy of Certificate of incorporation for company or Scanned copy of valid ID proof e.g.  Adhaar Card of the Individual in Jpeg or PDF format (50KB) (mandatory).

2.       Scanned copy of PAN card in jpeg format (20KB) (mandatory for Indian vendors).

3.       Scanned copy of GST number (if vendor is GST registered) in jpeg format (20KB) (mandatory for Indian vendors).

4.       Scanned copy of Vendor’s Bank Cheque or “Account holding Certificate” (50 KB) in jpeg format (mandatory).

5.       Scanned copy of “MSME certificate” (50KB) (if Minority Status entered).

6.       Valid and working E-mail ID (all communications in later stages  will be done through this email ID)

Instructions for filling up the online vendor registration form:

For any clarification regarding filing up the vendor registration form, you may feel free to email us on

1.       Vendor needs to fill all the mandatory fields and upload scanned copy of all mandatory documents (refer section “Pre-requisites for vendors”).

2.      Vendor needs to take a printout of completed form.

3.       Sign and Stamp the printout.

4.       Upload the scanned copy of signed & stamped printout.

5.       Submit the Vendor registration form.

Step by step Process:

1.       Select vendor registration type. If fist time saving details select “New Application”, if already saved select “Saved Application “.

2.       If “Saved Application” selected following fields will appear . Enter the Reference number and email to retrive the saved (which are not submitted yet)details.


3.       Enter County,City and at least one SCI personel’s email.To search country click the icon -  .

4.       Click on appropriate  vendor type .


5.       Fill all the required fields. PAN,GST Registration status are mandatory(if does not have GSTN , please  select option “Not Registered” from the list) for all vendors .  If minority status provided then attaching  documentary evidance mandatory. Foreign vendor may provide PAN reference number.


Please click on the icon -   to get the search help for “GST Registration Status”. Select suitable registration status.

If minority status applicable , please click on the icon -   to get the search help for “Minority Status”(MSME) to select following suitable status.




6.       Fill all the address details in “Address Details “ section.  To fill “Region” field please see next section .

Please click on the icon -   to get the search help for “Region” field. Following screen will pop up.

Click “Show filter Criteria” to make following fields visible .Fill country key e.g. “IN” press  ENTER. Select approprite STATE by scrolling and click OK. Foreign vendors only mention their code e.g. “US” for United States of America.

7.       Vendors have to provide at least one Bank Details at the time of registration. Except MICR and IBAN, all other fields in bank details are mandatory.


8.       After filling bank details please check the box at the bottom of the application and press SAVE button.


9.        SAVE will generate a temporary application number e.g. VSXXXXXXXX (Please note this number for future use).


10.   Vendors have to refresh the page and select the “SAVED APPLICATION” from the drop down list. Vendors need to put the temporary application number and e-mail ID to get the saved details again.

11.   After temporary application number generation, vendors need to upload scanned copy of supporting documents. Select the documents to be uploaded by clicking on the drop down list. Keep saving the application in between uploads.



12.   After completion of filling the form in all respect vendors have to download the application form.

13.   Take the print out of the application form write date & place in the place provided, stamp & sign the form.

14.   Take the scanned copy of the signed, stamped form and upload in the given place.

15.   Tick the check box and Press “SUBMIT” to finish the application process.

16.   Email intimation will be sent after successful creation of the SCI vendor number.


Note: In case of receipt of incomplete data / information, application shall not be processed further.